Networking at Christmas Functions

Networking at Christmas Functions

10 Tips for Christmas Function Networking

Networking is at a peak in the festive season, as this brings with it a busy schedule of events for us to attend as we celebrate with our clients, colleagues, business partners, friends and family the close of yet another year. Whilst we should attend these business related events and allow ourselves to relax a little and enjoy the celebration as we wind down ready for the Christmas break, we should also not miss out on the opportunity to continue developing and maintaining our networks. These events offer a more relaxed environment where some of the best relationships can form if we really take the time to be interested in the shared conversations and LISTEN.

As we all know, there is a lot more to successful networking than just collecting business cards! Here are 10 networking tips to consider before your next Christmas function:

  1. Elevator speech – Describe yourself concisely and impressively and then ask what others are involved in – LISTENING is an important skill!
  2. Be different – Differentiate yourself and aim high. What do you offer that makes you different/better?
  3. Help others – Give without the intent to receive in return. This shows others your worth and expertise.
  4. Personal integrity – Integrity, trust and reputation are vital for networking.
  5. Relevant targeting – Seek out groups and contacts relevant to your aims and capabilities.
  6. Plans and aims – Plan your networking – and know what you want to achieve from each event.
  7. Follow up – Following up meetings and referrals makes things happen and always do what you say you will.
  8. Be positive – Be a positive influence on everyone and everything.
  9. Sustained focused effort – Be focused and keep your goals at the core of every event you attend so you make valuable connections,
  10. Life balance – Being balanced and grounded builds assurance which translates to all you have contact with.

If you keep these tips in mind and take the time to truly get to know and understand the people and businesses in your network – you will be surprised at the rewards this brings. If you need any business support over the festive season, Your Business Helper offer a range of services to help your business – see a list of our services here.

Enjoy the festive season and happy networking!

Julie Warner

Your Business Helper