10 Tips for Successful Blog Post

A key element to writing successful blog posts is that in most cases they take time to create and too often as bloggers we tend to push out content quickly to meet a deadline. It can feel like we are robots on autopilot churning out post after post at times and our writing often reflects this. Quality over quantity will always win out!

The creation of content is a more thoughtful process that is about a careful selection of words and ideas turning your average posts into content that take readers on a journey.

Here are 10 points when writing a blog post where you should take some time to really craft your content. Instead of rushing through a post – if you pause at these key moments your post lifts to a high quality and this is the content that tends to get more traction with readers. They won’t guarantee the perfect post – but they certainly take you a step closer to a great post.

  1. Choosing a Post Topic – take some time defining your topic, think of the problem you are solving for your readers and the post will flow better and you’ll develop something that matters to your community.
  2. Creating Your Post Title – the most crucial part to actually getting your post read when your followers see it in an RSS reader or search engine results page.
  3. The Opening Line – this is your chance for a first impression – and these do matter. Once your reader is past your post’s title your opening line draws them deeper into your post.
  4. Post Point (making your post matter) – a post needs to have a point. If it’s just an alluring title and opening you’ll get people to read – but if the post doesn’t “matter” to them and can’t hold their interest, it will never get any real traction.
  5. Adding Meaning – before publishing your post – remind yourself of the problem you are solving and ask yourself how you could add depth to it, and make it even more useful and memorable to readers?
  6. Call to Action – this is essential to drive readers to do something. It keeps a post in their mind and helps them to apply it which gives them a deeper connection to you.
  7. Editing and Finishing Touches – small mistakes can be detrimental to engagement for some readers and diminishes you as a professional and expert in your field. Spending time editing and fixing any errors to make a post look its best can take it to the next level.
  8. When to Publish your Post – timing can be everything and each community will have their optimum time for reader engagement. Strategic timing of posts can ensure the right people see it at the right time. Experiment with your audience as to when they are engaging and monitor peak times so you set our publishing schedule for success.
  9. Post Promotion – having hit publish – don’t just leave it to chance that your post will be read by people. Increase the exposure it gets by promoting on all your social media platforms, in any groups you belong to with potential target markets, and look to cross promote by forming alliances with suitable business partners and of course let your database of followers know.
  10. Post Publishing Engagement – often the real action happens once your post is published with interaction from readers. Taking time to respond to any post comments or discussion is vital to increase engagement with your community. Being responsive shows you are real and that you care!If you need some assistance with blog post topics and content, Your Business Helper is always here to support you or manage these tasks for you – get in touch enquiry@yourbusinesshelper.com.au

Taking extra time at each of these 10 points when writing your next post, will improve the quality of your content and in turn, increase the engagement with your readers.

Here’s to your successful content creation!