5 Tips To Improve Your Success on LinkedIn

Tips for LinkedIn Success


Are you viewing LinkedIn as a critical place to spend your time? In order to make LinkedIn work for you, you have to put in the time to be seen, to build influence and relationships.

What kind of impression do you want to make?

Your LinkedIn profile follows you around LinkedIn. Whenever you are commenting, sharing, or contributing to group discussions, your profile picture and your headline summary are going to be right there. Same applies to updating your LinkedIn status. Are you looking professional?

Here are the five tips:

  1. Optimise your Head Line
  • Adding keywords to your headline that you want to be associated with can improve your search ability within LinkedIn and beyond,
  • Create a headline that displays the different titles someone is likely to search for related to what you do,
  • Stop using your “Job Title” – tell people the services you offer/problems you solve.

2. Use everything that is available

  • Everyone should have a banner image. There is no restrictions on using this to promote your Business Name,
  • Include website links (up to three allowed), set links to three separate pages on your site.

3. Vanity URL’s

  • Set a vanity URL name that has meaning to your business, not to your name.

4. Profile Purpose

  • Don’t make it all about you – no-one really cares all that much,
  • What do clients want to see? What are the solutions you are going to give them?
  • Your summary should list all the problems you can help customers with or fix for them.

5. Join the Right Groups

  • Find groups with people in your target markets are hiding,
  • Don’t give away your knowledge to your competitors.

LinkedIn can prove an extremely valuable marketing tool, if you’re willing to get involved and be proactive. Invest the necessary time to develop a strong professional profile and to establish yourself as an expert to enjoy marketing success on LinkedIn.

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