Project Management

Many aspects of running a business can be can be thought of as running a series of projects.

No matter how large or small a project, we can assist with developing the :

  • Scope – consider what the project entails, what is in and what is out;
  • Critical success factors – consider what is critical for ensuring the project is carried out successfully, what dependencies there are, who needs to be involved; and
  • Benefits – consider the outcomes of the project and how those will positively impact the business.

Key aspects that will be managed include:

Time – How long will the project take, when will key tasks will be carried out?

Cost – Put together a detailed budget. This needs to be tracked on a regular basis.

Quality – Ensure proper execution of the project and that tasks are being carried out correctly.

Resources – Who is needed when and for how long?

Procurement – Do 3rd party suppliers need to be involved? What purchases might need to be made?

Communications – What needs to be communicated how often and to whom.

Project integration – Ensuring alignment with the rest of the organisation.

Risk – What is the risk management plan around the project (for large projects) or what risks the project might have.

A project schedule will be developed, along with a detailed budget, and tracked on a regular basis. The project schedule can include key milestones, timeframes, and dependencies. Constraints and assumptions can also be documented.

You may need: a new website, to implement a new product range or offer new services. Perhaps you need to set up an office filing/document system or install a new I.T. system – anything that requires research and management can be deemed a project.

If you have no time or inclination to manage the next project that arises – Your Business Helper can take care of all details from initial concepts to implementation.

No project too large or small.

Pricing Guide

Fixed price fees for specific projects or event management jobs are available. Or, you can utilise our affordable hourly rate packages to use on varied tasks as required.

Hourly Rate Packages

  • 1 Hour     $80
  • 3 Hours   $225
  • 5 Hours   $350
  • 10 Hours $650

Hourly Rate Packages valid for 6-months from purchase

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